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Other motifs
Port Scenes

There is something special about boats in a harbor. In any case, I like these motifs.


Paintings of motifs that don't fit into any other category.

In the countryside

Agriculture, barns, farms, and things one can find in the countryside.

Old buildings

Old houses are good subjects I think, they can be dilapidated or well kept, both work.

Still Life - Fruit and vegetables

It is probably the most common type of still life, fruits and vegetables.

Flowers and plants

I don't like painting flowers, but my students want such exercises. Almost all of these paintings are done as exercises for my students.

Still Life - Things and more

Basically any still life that isn't fruits and vegetables.

Thinks - Still life

All the pictures are from an exhibition that didn't go very well. According to the gallery owner, one must not give funny titles to art. All the paintings are made in 1:1 scale